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Klingon Knife (d'k tahg)
The d'k tahg (or Daqtagh) is the traditional Klingon warrior's knife. A vicious, three-bladed weapon, the d'k tahg is commonly used in hand-to-hand combat, and has great ceremonial value in Klingon culture. As well as a main blade body of 6.5" the d'k tahg has two additional slide blades which can be exposed or retracted with the push of a thumb button.

From the Star Trek Encyclopaedia: (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock; "The Bonding" [TNG]; "Redemption, Part I" [TNG]; "Birthright, Part II" [TNG]; "The Way of the Warrior" [DS9]). The Klingon knife, first used to kill David Marcus in Star Trek III, was designed by Phil Norwood. It was also seen in "The Bonding" (TNG) and several later episodes. It was given a name in "Birthright, Part II" (TNG). When it was used for The Next Generation, the original prop was not available, so Rick Sternbach duplicated the design for the show's prop makers, using a Star Trek trading card for reference.

Klingon "Daqtagh" Knife

Main blade: 17cm, 420 stainless steel. Slide blades 5cm.
Black impact resistant ABS handle with non-slip grip. Push tang. Includes a genuine black leather sheath.