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Welcome to our web site, now made of actual glass. Lovely.


I'm honoured to say we've become something of an Internet resource for broadband installation hardware and theory/guidance over this last decade with our Articles and Guides on telephony, broadband and telecom installation practices! And of course for bringing the parts used by the pros (and BT OpenReach Engineer-issue hardware!) to the masses! I hope you all continue to find these write-ups and parts helpful in fitting quality work and polishing existing installations to milk your broadband connection for every last Kilobyte-Per-Second it has to offer.


So enjoy your visit, and of course when you've the decided on the gear you need to carry out your plots and plans (and dont hesitate to ask if you need any pointers - we won't mock you very badly), put your order in on our web shop. Then everyone's a winner!


As always, we love to hear from you, myself in particular. Drop me an email to the "Boss" email option in the Contact section if you have a few spare minutes. I'm basically looking for peer-approval. But if you have a crit, please tell us too and we'll get it fixed. Possibly with gritted teeth.








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